The Box Turtle Bulletin is reporting that their sources are telling them that they’ve been had by a con man. According to these unnamed sources in the United States and in Uganda, a former member of the Anglican LGBT rights group Integrity Uganda passed himself off as a spokesman for the group, possibly related to his 2004 attempts to defraud donors of money intended for Integrity Uganda by posing as a representative of the organization, and pocketing the money instead. This fake spokesperson was apparently the source of much of the details identifying the murder victim as a youth organizer with Integrity Uganda.

It is not clear at this moment whether the links reported by the BTB between the case of missing pro-LGBTI Reverend Henry Kayizzi Nsubuga and the Ugandan police’s discovery of the body and head are accurate, and BTB editor Jim Burroway says he believes stories of Nsubuga’s disappearance are looking “increasingly unlikely.” Nsubuga allegedly disappeared over two weeks ago after delivering a pro-LGBTI sermon in a suburb of the capital Kampala.

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