The Obama Administration keeps up their drive to chip away at the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, without establishing anything that couldn’t be easily overturned by a subsequent conservative administration: yesterday, the White House announced that a ruling by the Labor Department now allows partnered LGBT employees at companies with 50 or more workers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for their partner’s children in the case of a “serious medical condition,” without loosing their job. The new interpretation of the Family and Medical Leave Act does not, however, let couples take time off of work to care for each other, as that would be a direct violation of DOMA.


D.C. – The “so what” factor around President Obama’s pride reception is fairly big. It seems that the activists invited are confined to the heads of state equality groups, and LGBT people with “compelling stories.” So, will it just be cocktails, or will actual lobbying go on? (The Washington Blade)

Maine – The American Family Association goes after Home Depot for its kids’ craft workshop at this year’s Southern Maine Pride. (Joe.My.God)

Illinois – Members of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team to march in Chicago’s Pride Parade with their recently-won Stanley Cup. (Joe.My.God)

Colorado – LGBT rights becomes an issue in the Colorado Senate race. (The Colorado Independent)

Hawaii – Governor Linda Lingle is taking her sweet time in deciding whether or not to veto a bill creating domestic partnerships for both same-gender and opposite-gender couples. According to Lingle’s Lieutenant Governor, the bill is on the “potential veto list.” (Time Magazine)

Tennessee – Country singer Vanessa Carleton comes out as bisexual, the latest in a recent spate of female stars coming out. So where are all the bisexual guys? (Queerty, Gawker)

California – It’s month or two late, but this is perhaps one of the best BP protests/wildlife fundraisers I’ve heard of: cute people wrestling in hot (canola) oil, in the Castro. (SF Weekly)

Israel – A new clue in the Tel Aviv youth center shooting narrows the field of suspects…to 1,000. (The Advocate)

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