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column smallTheColu.mn is a new media presence being created by a collaboration of folks who feel that there is a lack of solid, hard-hitting coverage of events that affect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. TheColu.mn also feels there is a void to be filled with the stories of diverse communities and their continued struggles, biographies of the passionate people dedicating their lives toward a change for the better, and anecdotes from our shared, unique culture.

Right now TheColu.mn is a website, but in the future we hope to offer more.

TheColu.mn is being developed in a social entrepreneurial model of civic journalism. The reader helps drive the content and many times will create the content themselves. Our mission is to remain responsive to the community and to do our best to reflect all of LGBT society in Minnesota. That mission is reflected in our tagline, “LGBT Society Now!”

The Colu.mn is dedicated to covering politics, nightlife, sports, culture and community events. How do you know which candidates support transgender issues? We will ask them. Are you looking for an opportunity to play gay rugby, hockey, soccer or softball? We’ll tell you about it. What’s the best place for queer women to meet other queer women? We’ll have that too. Did you miss the most recent fundraiser your favorite AIDS charity? Don’t worry, we were there.

You are a member from the start just by having an interest in the LGBT community and the people, issues, events, businesses and programs that come together to make our great society. The Colu.mn is for you!  To get involved simply contact us at contact@thecolu.mn.  Let your voices be heard and your events go noticed!

Look for us at Twin Cities Pride in the Quorum Villiage or find our list of featured Pride week events around town.

The Column is a community-supported non-profit news, arts, and media organization. We depend on community support to continue the work of solid LGBT-centric journalism. If you like this article, consider visiting Give MN to make a contribution today.

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