Anti-LGBTQ hate letter stirs southern Minnesota community


A family in St. Peter, Minn., says they received a threatening anti-gay letter last week. St. Peter Police are investigating the letter which contains a death threat, according to Mankato-based Southern Minnesota News.

The family — two women and their daughter — who received the letter are keeping a low profile, according to the Mankato Free Press, because they have a school age daughter and they don’t want her to know the details of the language used in the letter.

The letter, which uses the slur “faggot” numerous times also contains a death threat.

“You never know … your house could be torched, a gun could be used to eliminate you,” the letter states. “She [their daughter] needs to look out behind her back also … I know where she goes to school!”

People in southern Minnesota and across the state — and even Midwest — showed their support for the couple on social media.

The Mankato Free Press editorial board issued a column aimed directly at the letter writer:

People do want the gay couple you targeted in your homophobic missive to live here. Supporters of the two women targeted by your letter have rallied for them by the hundreds. St. Peter police have stepped up patrols to protect the couple in their home town. Motorists have driven by their house, honking horns in support of the family.

Because you know what? Our communities won’t put up with the hateful, anti-gay rhetoric in your letter that you didn’t even have the courage to sign. We are better than that. We accept people the way they are when they are law-abiding members of our communities who contribute to the quality of life here.

Here’s the full letter:

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Andy Birkey has written for a number of Minnesota and national publications. He founded Eleventh Avenue South which ran from 2002-2011, wrote for the Minnesota Independent from 2006-2011, the American Independent from 2010-2013. His writing has appeared in The Advocate, The Star Tribune, The Huffington Post, Salon, Cagle News Service, Twin Cities Daily Planet, TheUptake, and much more. His writing on LGBT issues, the religious right and social justice has won awards including Best Beat Reporting by the Online News Association, Best Series by the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and an honorable mention by the Sex-Positive Journalism awards.


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