Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Photo: Official Portrait)
It’s big news in Washington D.C. – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced she’s planning a vote for this year on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. While the vote doesn’t seem to have been scheduled yet, Pelosi’s announcement is significant because, first, it is a sign that at least some of the senior Democratic leadership is on board with repeal. Second, as the DC Agenda points out, Pelosi never brings something to a vote unless it’s got enough support to guarantee passage. Regardless of how big of a role was played by GetEQUAL’s protests (and here, the argument is more of a “big” versus “bigger,” not “yes” and “no”), this is a good sign, no?


D.C. – Speaking of the DC Agenda, they’ll soon return to their old name, The Washington Blade. (The Washington Post)

D.C. – EDGE wonders if the Tea Party and the GOP are leaving social conservatism behind in their -er- “anti-tax fight.” Color me skeptical, when one of their biggest leaders is Michelle Bachmann, who rose to national office on the back of a 2005 attempt to pass a constitutional amendment in Minnesota banning same-gender marriage. (EDGE Online)

California – After decades of ignoring the law, the California State Assembly voted to repeal a statute calling for money to be appropriated to find a cure for homosexuality. (The Advocate)

California – Trans student slashed at Cal State Long Beach. (Towleroad)

Teh Interwebs – Why so few LGBT leaders of color? A call to get involved from Pam’s House Blend and GetEqual activist C.D. Kirven. (Pam’s House Blend)

Poland – Anti-gay, possibly-gay twin of dead Polish President Lech Kaczynski plans to run for his brother’s office. (The Advocate)

Russia – Vlad and Dimitri sitting in a tree? Nyet says Putin, but what about their matchy skiing outfits? They’d make such a cute couple if their police officers didn’t have a habit of standing by while skinheads beat up gay rights activists, or shutting down Pride events altogether. (Towleroad, GayRussia.ru, BBC)

Iraq – European countries are deporting gay Iraqi assylum seekers, in full knowledge that many gay Iraqis are being targeted for murder by sectarian gangs because of their sexuality. (The Advocate)

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