Karl Rove (Photo: Wikimedia/Official White House Portrait)
Karl Rove whines: “But that’s politics — our view in political issues, on issues of public policy can and should be divorced from our families. And our families shouldn’t be used as convenient targets to shoot at in order to get at people in politics.”

He was responding, of course, to long-standing charges that his late, adopted father was gay, making his strong opposition to LGBT rights a rather smelly piece of hypocrisy. So I suppose he’s taking a strong stand within his party to end the gay-baiting campaign tactics that are a hallmark of many GOP election battles, right? And he was just following orders, albeit reluctantly, when he orchestrated the race-baiting attacks on McCain during the 2000 Republican presidential primaries.


New York – New York City bigwigs honored the Queens St Patrick’s Day Parade with their presence. The Queens parade is an LGBT-inclusive rival to the super-catholic Manhattan St Patrick’s Day Parade that bans queer marchers, under the protection of a 1995 Supreme Court ruling. (Joe.My.God)

D.C. – The DC Agenda follows up with the HRC on the 4 things it says it will get passed this year (DADT repeal, Early Treatment for HIV Act, ending taxes on domestic partner health benefits, and benefits for the domestic partners of federal employees). They’re given bland assurances that ENDA, DADT repeal, and domestic partner benefits are on track, but that ETHA and ending the DP tax are entirely dependent on how healthcare reform shakes out. (DC Agenda)

D.C. – Gen. David Petraeus, possibly the second-most powerful general in the Army, supports a DADT repeal, the Pentagon’s review of how to implement a repeal, and thinks fears over a repeal are overblown. To the head of the Army, who’s been railing against a repeal, he says “Calm down, Fluffy.” (The Advocate)

D.C. – NY Rep. Eric Massa details the sexual harassment allegations against him. (Roll Call)

Virginia – Parts of the state university system are revolting against the state Attorney General’s order to ditch all employment protections for LGB individuals. (The Bilerico Project)

New Jersey – The state is split in its support for same-gender marriage and has been for a long time. (Towleroad)

Teh Interwebs – Don’t these couples look cute?! Don’t they make you want to drop your support for DOMA?! (Joe.My.God)

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