CA State Sen. Roy Ashburn (Photo: Joe.My.God)
A California state Senator who voted against a resolution condemning Prop 8 and who has largely made a career out of rhetorical gay-bashing was arrested on a DUI charge yesterday after leaving a popular Sacramento gay bar with an “unidentified male passenger.” The kind of internalized homophobia that leads you organize rallies for the Traditional Values Coalition and vote against every single gay-rights bill during your tenure is very sad, but how many lives (including those of his wife and four children) has he hurt in the process? Joe.My.God has more details.


New York – Not satisfied with blaming the gays for not standing by Gov. David Paterson as he goes down in flames for abusing his office, Sen. Ruben Diaz is also blocking trans rights from his seat on a committee of the NY state legislature that’s reviewing the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act, just passed by the state Assembly. (Joe.My.God, Queerty, The Advocate)

D.C. – Cancer or groping a junior male staffer? Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY), married with two children, is stepping down after just one term amid allegations he made unwanted advances on a staff member. (Politico)

D.C. – More deets emerge about Sen. Joe Lieberman’s version of the DADT repeal bill. It would use Servicemembers United’s “Set End Date/Delayed Implementation” (PDF) strategy, where the Pentagon would have to start implementing changes 60 days after they complete their review, and all changes must kick in 60 days after that. However, Lieberman says he hasn’t even spoken to President Barack Obama about attaching his bill to the President’s 2011 defense budget request, the only sure-fire way to avoid a filibuster on the repeal bill. PHB says that, nonetheless, Congress seems to have lit a fire under their butts. Meanwhile, the Palm Center warns that legislators excessive deference to military leaders on this issue threatens civilian control of the military. They have a point, but this issue is not new. Remember the debate over the efficacy of “the surge” in 2007, where congresscritters fawned over Gen. David Petreaus? (DC Agenda, Queerty, Pam’s House Blend, Palm Center, Stars and Stripes)

D.C. – Queer the census. This time, they’re actually paying attention to some parts of the community. (The Bilerico Project)

D.C. – The State Department is taking a closer look at LGBT rights in Africa, and what the US can do to help. (Box Turtle Bulletin, Pam’s House Blend)

D.C. (last time, I swear) – ENDA to get a vote this month? (Bay Area Reporter)

California – Prop 8 repeal is DOA, says newly-elected (gay) speaker of the state Assembly. (Bay Area Reporter)

California – The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development is taking a hard look at anti-LGBT housing discrimination. I wish they’d look beyond NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago, though. In rural parts of the country, it’s hard to have a potent group like the Mission Economic Development Agency that one attendee championed as a model for the LGBT community. (Bay Area Reporter)

Teh Interwebs – Encountr is getting paned – my boyfriend says that you can’t even search by who’s online, and the geo-location is imprecise – but there are plenty of fun apps for your Android phone. Meet “Dildroid.” You might want to invest in a full silicone case for the phone, though.

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