A: When she doesn’t want to be called one.

In her column today at the conservative website Townhall.com, Maggie Gallagher, head of the National Organization for Marriage, complains that she and others on the right wing are victims of “gay marriage rage,” and unfairly labeled “haters.” Apparently it’s “unneighborly” to call her a bigot when she and her ilk decide we’re not full citizens, or even fully human.

NOM is one of the most prominent conservative forces pushing back against supporters gay rights throughout the country. In the past, the organization has funded efforts to pass Proposition 8 in California, and has been funneling significant sums of money to an Iowa state congressional race that was seen as a litmus test of Iowans’ support for the recent court decision that legalized same-sex marriage there.

(h/t Joe.My.God)

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