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Rep. Miller takes break from new career as criminal justice reformer to oppress transgender students

Rep. Miller takes break from new career as criminal justice reformer to oppress transgender students


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We posted yesterday in CCA’s maximum fanboy undergoes miraculous transformation on criminal justice reform about Representative Tim Miller’s remarkable conversion this month from tweeting that criminal justice reform was crazy to telling TPT Almanac that he’s all for reform.

In Carolyn Lange’s article in Tuesday’s West Central Tribune, Crowd shows up to discuss NLS transgender policy, we learn that he stepped out on Easter Weekend to urge people to object to New London-Spicer School Board’s proposed transgender policy.

Not that it was on the agenda–or that the school is in his district (it’s not). Or that House leadership had handed the chance to bully and criminalize transgender people over to the darling of the anti-LGBT crowd, Glenn Gruenhagen while Miller toils to re-open a private prison.

Lange reports:

But the second school board meeting of the month — which Monday’s meeting was — is typically a “planning session” during which the NLS board does not take action or cast votes but hears updates on projects.

The agenda for the Monday meeting did not include the transgender policy. But many people in the community believed the issue would be discussed and voted upon.

An email that was circulated encouraged people to attend the Monday meeting and gave a summary of a meeting that was reportedly held at an area church on Saturday with Republican Rep. Tim Miller of Prinsburg.

The email said the goal of the church meeting with Miller was to “rally” people to attend the school board meeting to show their opposition to the transgender policy.

A copy of that email had been sent to NLS board members.

The school board will hear a second reading of the district’s proposed transgender policy at its April 11 meeting, Lange reports, and will secure a larger meeting room in order to accommodate the public.

We asked West Central Tribune editor Kelly Boldan about the church where Representative Miller encouraged people to turn out on Monday. It’s The Harbor in Spicer, a congregation that’s teamed with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, “a Pentecostal denomination that resulted from the dynamic evangelistic ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson, who opened the historic Angelus Temple on Jan. 1, 1923,” according to its website. Perhaps the most famous incident in McPherson’s life is told in a Smithsonian article, The Incredible Disappearing Evangelist.

According to the Foursquare website, between 100 and 500 people attend The Harbor in Spicer.

Update! New London homeowner and New London-Spicer High School graduate Erik Hatlestad has started a Facebook event page to organize in support of the new policy, Flush Away Transphobia: Fight Transphobia at NL-S.

Photo: Tim Miller, R- Prinsburg. While he’s completely changed his public views on public funding for rural broadband projects and the notion that government can create jobs, he’s not budging an inch on his anti-LGBT positions. Indeed, he’s got boundary issues in going beyond his district to abuse the dignity of transgender students in the next legislative district over. Will the state be picking up his mileage on this one?


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