House committee hearing set for anti-transgender bill



Update: HF3396, the anti-transgender bill that was scheduled for a hearing tomorrow morning, has been removed from the agenda (at least as of 3:30pm Wednesday).

HF3396 will get a hearing in the Minnesota House Civil Law and Data Practices Committee on Thursday, March 31. The committee meeting starts at 8:15am in room 10 of the State Office Building.

HF3396 is a bill that targets Minnesota’s longstanding ban on discrimination based on gender identity, enacted in 1993. It would block gender-inclusive policies at school districts and local municipalities and force transgender people to use a restroom that does not correspond to their gender — putting many transgender people at risk for discrimination and violence, according to research at UCLA’s Williams Institute.

In reaction to the bill, the community has organized the Transgender Day of Visibility: Rally for Restroom Access. The event will include a demonstration against the bill during the hearing and a rally at 1:30pm. In addition, OutFront Minnesota has launched a petition against the bill.

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  1. No comments, when the Lowest of the GOP comes up with these flagrant Bills disguised as, protections needed where none are wanted, until they pass their fear stories about to Ignorant people who do not verify the BS the GOP says. This is shown to be the tactic in North Carolina present HS 2 Bill. The GOP has wasted valuable legislative time across the US with Bills as such as if they are doing a service to the public, albeit they are feathering their own nest for re-election. People please study what they say, and do check its veracity with reality, as it is they who ‘Have An Axe To Grind’. [In plain English their reason is hidden]

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