Shine the sunlight on anti-LGBT forces at the MN Capitol


“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said those words in a 1913 interview with Harpers. He was talking about the power of “publicity” to expose government wrongdoing. People are more likely to act equitably and in the public’s interest if the public knows what they are up to.

That’s the role that The Column seeks to fill in 2016.

With your help, The Column will be there every step of the way, shining sunlight on anti-LGBT lawmakers, bill, and lobbyists.

We’ve already reported on Republican lawmakers who plan to introduce bills to make it legal to discriminate against LGBT people based on religion. Republican lawmakers are threatening to make it illegal for businesses, schools, and cities like Minneapolis to have gender-inclusive policies, and interest groups like the Minnesota Family Council and the Minnesota Child Protection League are working behind the scenes with Republican lawmakers to advance anti-LGBT laws.

The Column will be at the Capitol reporting on these issues and more. We will continue to provide the LGBT community objective and fact-based information about current legislation, and shine sunlight on anti-LGBT legislation, lawmakers, and organizations.

In order to fulfill this important community service, we need your support. As a volunteer and freelance-led organization, support goes directly to reporting costs. Please consider a contribution today by visiting or using the form below.

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