Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) has launched a campaign targeting Minneapolis retailer Target over its support for LGBT equality.

“The popular department store giant Target has recently signed on as a corporate endorser of the radical homosexual-transgender “Equality Act” (HR 3185; S. 1858),” the group said in an action alert. “AFTAH has renamed this LGBT bill the “Homosexual Superiority Act” or the“Criminalizing Christianity Act” because it will accelerate pro-homosexual State tyranny against people of faith or morals who oppose sinful, unnatural homosexual behavior and same-sex ‘marriage.’”

Target announced in September that it is backing the Equality Act, a bill pending in Congress that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination in areas including employment, housing, access to credit, public education and accommodations. AFTAH is asking supporters to light of Target’s switchboard in opposition to the bill:

Contact Target Corporation [(800)440-0680;], which just endorsed HR 3185,and urge them to reverse their support of this anti-Christian “Equality Act”; suggest to Target that they would be smarter to at least stay neutral in the Culture War over redefining marriage and civil rights rather than side with homosexual and transgender activists. The latter now openly embrace anti-Christian bigotry and make shameful comparisons between anti-women “transgender” behavior (e.g., men in dresses using Female restrooms) and racist Jim Crow persecution of Black Americans.

Based in Naperville, Ill., AFTAH was one of the first anti-LGBT groups added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate groups list.

It’s not the first time a religious right has targeted Target. Many urged a boycott of Target after it changed the gender policy regarding some merchandise. When the company announced support for marriage equality, conservative Christian groups urged a boycott.

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