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MN ex-gay pastor: Demonic element at play in gay lifestyle

MN ex-gay pastor: Demonic element at play in gay lifestyle


In an interview with conservative Christian host Paul Ridgeway on AM 980 KKMS, Outpost Ministries’ Nate Oyloe claimed that a “demonic element” is behind being gay or lesbian, and that men also become gay because they reject gender roles and fail to “cross that mystical barrier into manhood.”

Outpost Ministries is Minnesota largest and oldest ministry dedicated to encouraging people to change from gay to straight through the power of Jesus Christ. Oyloe serves as the organization’s executive director. In the wide-ranging interview last week, Ridgeway and Oyloe spoke at length about what they think causes people to be gay — including demons.

Paul Ridgeway: Hey, God bless Nate Oyloe who works with Outpost Ministries and they are working with men and women, young men and women, older, whatever, that are dealing with same-sex attractions and you know, Nate, it’s amazing though with the whole quote sexual revolution — and like you said transgender just came out of nowhere from the gay marriage issue which I think is a whole ‘nother plan in of itself of the evil one. But I’m amazed how many men and women now are leaving their quote heterosexual relationships and going off with a gay partner and leaving their family. That’s increased dramatically hasn’t it?
Nate Oyloe: Yeah it has. I think part of that is there’s more freedom within culture to do that but I do think that there’s also a very demonic element. That component is in play and people are just giving themselves over to whatever.

Outpost Ministries has a long history of claiming demons are behind what it calls “same-sex attraction.” For instance in the organization’s February newsletter, Oyloe claimed that: “Homosexuality has its roots in paganism. This is why the movement to promote homosexuality is so powerful. It is not just about sex, or even whom you choose to love; it has a spiritual component. When the creature is worshiped rather than the Creator, demons are present.”

In the mid-2000s, the group sometimes claimed that homosexuality was caused by a demon named Baal.

Oyloe and host Paul Ridgeway originally met at Twin Cities LGBT Pride in 2014. The duo were part of Trinity Works’ deceptive outreach aimed at converting members of the LGBT community to its brand of conservative Christianity. And the two seemed confused about the differences between gender identity — one’s personal experience of one’s own gender — and sexual orientation — a person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted.”

Ridgeway said, “It was fun meeting you almost my goodness about a year and three months ago and we were working on during the Gay Pride Week Love Minneapolis and I thought that Steven Uggen of Trinity Works took a right approach to those that are having gender identity and, Nate, I think you work with a lot of people that are gender identity but tell us a little about your background first.”
Oyloe replied: “Well, I moved to the Twin Cities when I was 18 years old and struggling with my own gender identity…”

The duo also talked about what causes people to be gay, and much of it appears to be the “lie of the enemy,” which means Satan.

Ridgeway: So what do they say do they feel or what do you think causes a lot of the gender issues?
Oyloe: Well, with men, generally speaking, there tends to be a disconnect from their masculinity or a core sense of strength. They were never able to cross that mystical barrier into manhood so there’s something lacking on the inside. And of course, the lie of the enemy is: ‘Maybe if I connect with another man sexually, I’ll get the missing information.’ With women, it’s a little different. With women, there tends to be more of a rejection of their femininity because it’s seen as a vulnerability. Maybe they saw mom being abused by another man or maybe they themselves experienced some kind of physical or sexual abuse so they’ve had to reject that very core part of who they are. And once again there’s something missing and so there needs to be that connection and lie of the enemy it’s a sexual connection will somehow heal the problem.
Ridgeway: The enemy is so evil.

AM 980’s Ministry Director Gary Borgendale called into the show to bring up the topic of “transgender issues.”

Gary Borgendale: Nate, I’m not sure if you work from this but i’ll ask the question anyway: do you see a progression of sexual perversion or is it pretty well concentrating on sexual attraction? You mentioned a little bit about transgender. It seems like we are just continuing on a progression of sexual deviancy in our country.
Oyloe: Absolutely, I see a progression and in fact I think the progression has increased. I think its accelerated at a shocking level. I was blown away that, you know, right on the heels of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage that the transgender issue exploded in the media and I think it’s only downhill from here.

Here’s the audio of the interview:

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  1. Hmm. Isn’t Outpost the ministry with that pastor Meulenhauser (sp) who was recently arrested for molesting male teenagers? Anyway, I looked up Oyloe and the results are interesting. He’s a key player in Restored Hope Network, the clown car of faux-religious closet-cases that sprang from and is trying to carry on the mission of Exodus. Oyloe is also close pals (it figures) with Andy Comiskey, perhaps the most sanctimonious and self-loathing “formerly gay” man on earth. Comiskey, too, regularly writes and speaks about how homosexuality is “demonic” in origin. Finally, Oyloe is also closely associated with Mike Bickle and his end-times cult IHOP, the International House of Prayer. I think this helps put his comments in full perspective–the perspective of lunacy.


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