How can a lawyer say this with a straight face? (via The Bilerico Project)

“Marriage is for a child whose mom and dad had a sexual union. Marriage is to take men and women’s procreation and to “channel it into an enduring union.” [said Charles Cooper, lawyer for Yes on 8. They are acting as primary defendants because Governor Schwartzenegger has refused to defend Proposition 8 despite being named as the primary defendant in the case.] [Federal Judge Vaughn] Walker asked. How does same-sex marriage diminish procreation for heterosexual couples?

“Well, will this institution remain a pro-child institution or will it be a private relationship that provides couples with personal fulfillment, companionship, and expressions of love?”

Cooper also told Judge Walker that gay marriage would “de-institutionalize” the “institution” of marriage.

In other news, heterosexual divorce rates are still high, and two years ago, single-parent or unmarried couples with children outstripped married couples with children three years ago.

Against that argument, the plaintiff’s lawyer, former Solicitor General Ted Olson, basically had this to say (again via the Bilerico Project):

1) Marriage is vitally important in American Society.
2) Denying same-sex Prop 8 causes grievous harm against gay and lesbian individuals and adds another chapter of discrimination and suffering.
3) Prop 8 perpetrates immeasurable harm for no good reason.

Judge Walker is kinda-sorta expected to decide in favor of the plaintiffs, but yesterday he asked lawyers for each side of the case several pointed questions. This is a good thing – the case gets a fair and thorough hearing, strengthening a potential victory.

Both the DC Agenda and the Bilerico Project are running daily summaries of the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, and the Courage Campaign is not only live-blogging the procedings, but also has a handy-dandy cheat sheet of the major names and players.


D.C. – The SLDN is pissed that Obama’s advisors did not include a DADT repeal in its questionaire to supporters asking what the Administration’s priorities should be for the new year. (The Advocate, AmericaBlog)

Malawi – Gay couple heckled and mocked before trail for violating the country’s ban on gay sex. (Towleroad)

Uganda – While world-wide religious leaders “reject” and “condemn” the “Kill Gays” bill (and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church fights itself over the issue), President Yoweri Museveni says he’s going to work with the bill’s sponsor to “to reach a position that will leave both the local and international community satisfied.” (Box Turtle Bulletin)

Atlanta – Football player outed? Painful, sad story. (The Advocate)

Louisiana – Two weeks ago, a gay man was brutally murdered outside the bar where he worked, and the police say they still have no leads. (The Advocate)

Florida – Glamor shots at the kick-off of the ACLU’s campaign to end Florida’s 70’s-era ban on adoption by LBG individuals. (The Bilerico Project)

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