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The National: Amanda Simpson and the “Crossdresser Protection Bill”


ENDA is now “Obama’s Crossdresser Protection Bill,” at least according to the Family Research Council’s latest mass-hatemail. They are positively livid that a) Obama would appoint “men wearing skirts” to important government posts and b) over New Year’s, the administration unilaterally announced that federal jobs applicants would be protected from discrimination based on their gender identity. They want YOU to sign their petition to oppose ENDA because, of course, Barack Osama’s socialist dictatorship will then force “Christian-owned businesses and potentially Christian ministries” to hire a quota of trans people if the law passes. Oh, the horror of equal protection under the law!


D.C. – 39 GOP congresscriters are trying to spoil Washington, D.C.’s wedding reception. Sadly, Congress (including no elected representatives from the city) has 30 days to review any law passed by the D.C. city council (elected by the city’s citizens). (The Washington Post)

D.C. – Rep. Barney Frank is optimistic that LGBT-related provisions will make it through conference committee and into the final health care reform bill. Note: “optimism” is not “confidence.” (Bay Area Reporter)

D.C. – The impending retirements of two prominent senators means the national LGBT community will be loosing allies in Congress. (The DC Agenda)

Maryland – Fresh off a victory ensuring the ease of changing your gender on your driver’s license, Maryland’s LGBT activists are aiming to push marriage equality to the top of the state’s legislative agenda. (EDGE Online)

Nevada – This Nevada brothel is hiring male prostitutes. With all this snow in Minnesota, that sounds like an attractive proposition… (EDGE Online)

California – Voter fraud and ballot-tampering in Prop 8 vote two years ago, via electronic voting machines? (Towleroad)