This billboard from Dallas is almost identical to one that appeared in Elk River this weekend.
This billboard from Dallas is almost identical to one that appeared in Elk River this weekend.

A campaign has been launched to replace an “ex-gay” therapy billboard in Elk River with one critical of the practice.

All Out, a not-for-profit crowd-funding social activism platform, funded by users as well as LGBT foundations, has launched a campaign to raise money for a billboard to replace the “ex-gay” billboard.

“An offensive anti-gay billboard in Minnesota has been promoting the idea that being gay is a disease that can be “cured,” the fundraiser states. “Chip in to replace the billboard with an new ad exposing the true dangers of anti-gay “treatments” – and boost our campaign to fight these terrible “therapies” around the world.”

The “ex-gay” billboard was purchased by Pro-Family Forum and placed near Highway 10 and Highway 169 just outside Elk River in the northern Twin Cities metro.

The group was founded by Republican Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen and “former homosexual” Kevin Peterson as the Pro-Amendment Forum in 2012 to urge people to vote for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. (In 2013, Gruenhagen announced his “former homosexual” friend on the floor of the Minnesota House as that body was taking up marriage equality).
The billboard, placed by the Pro-Family Forum, reads: “Does having gay feelings mean you’re born Gay?… …People around the world say no.” Focused therapy, reparative therapy, real transformation. Real therapy really works.”

Teens in Elk River rallied at the Minnesota Capitol in early May against the billboard’s message.

All Out says it can get the billboard replaced:

An anti-gay group has bought a giant public billboard to promote anti-gay “treatment” in Minnesota. For months, the billboard has been pushing the idea that being gay is a disease to be “cured,” to an entire city.
A group of brave students protested on the steps of their state capitol. Let’s show these kids we’ve got their back: if all of us chip in, we could raise the funds to replace the offensive billboard – with one exposing the true dangers of anti-gay “treatment.”
We need to book our pro-equality billboard as soon as possible to ensure that we secure a spot on the exact same highway. Chip in now.

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  1. I would love to support something that replaces a reparative therapy billboard, but how could you “replace” a billboard that has already been paid for? If someone could explain, I’m glad to donate and spread the word.


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