David Letterman (and his show) are stuck in 8th grade, squealing with disgust that Amanda Simpson, Obama’s new appointee in the Commerce Department, “used to be a dude.”

As Joe.My.God points out, this is the same damn transphobia that hate crime defendants trot out time and again, most recently in the murder, dismemberment, and partial burning of Puerto Rican teen Jorge Mercado.

But, everybody in the audience: look to your left. As much as we cry out when straight public figures smear trans people, that person to your left just may be saying things like this (from The Advocate’s story on Simpson, via Pam’s House Blend):

• The first two syllables of his name is accurate. Although it’s probably a good thing to hire a tranny, because with things like defense we don’t need someone working there who gets periods and PMS. And the feminist won’t scream for them to hire a woman. Because now they can say that they did.
Name: Phillip
Hometown: Reseda

• EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Trans people are disgusting. I wonder if he still has a penis.
Name: Casey
Hometown: HC

Simpson is right, “being the first sucks,” to put it mildly, all the more so when you are extremely qualified for your position and all you hear are a chorus of juveniles who are theoretically part of your community shrieking about the way you perceive your gender.


Rhode Island – The Rhode Island state legislature has afforded same-gender couples the bare minimum of legal recognition – the ability to claim and bury your partner’s body – by overriding Gov. Donald Carcieri’s veto from earlier this year. (The Advocate)

New York – Apparently, oggling a lycra-clad, male hula-hoop dancer (with a nice ass) at your birthday party does not in any way connote aspects of your sexuality. This, according to homophobic New York State Senator Carl Kruger. (Towleroad)

Uganda – Innocent, my ass! Scott Lively is caught on tape saying he dropped a “nuclear bomb” on the “gay agenda” when he spoke at an anti-LGBT conference in Uganda earlier this year. The same conference kindled a fire of public support that’s powered the “Kill Gays” bill through the Ugandan Parliament, but Lively and his two cohorts protest that they were just asked to speak on parenting strategies, and knew nothing of the conference’s intended role. (Box Turtle Bulletin)

D.C. – A repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell hinges on the Pentagon’s recommendation, to be submitted to Congress this spring along with their yearly budget proposal. Don’t hold your breath, folks. (The Advocate)

Britain – The G-spot doesn’t exist, say smarty-pants researchers in the UK. Orly? (The Daily Beast)

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