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The National: Healthcare Passes Senate – What’s In It For Us? / Uganda’s President Vows a Veto


Early today, the Senate voted to suspend debate on the hotly-contested healthcare bill, paving the way for a final vote expected later this week. But beyond the provisions which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says will expand health insurance to 31 million Americans, it’s mighty unclear whether or not important LGBT-specific health issues will be addressed in the final bill that will emerge as legislators negotiate how to combine the House and Senate versions of the bill.

The Senate version does include provisions that will be life-savers for many LGBT people — bans on making individuals pay higher premiums based on their health status or sex and a prohibition on denying coverage based on preexisting condition (such as HIV or mental health issues), plus an expansion of Medicaid to include any person or family living at 133% of the federal poverty level. However, its not clear whether the actually-landmark, LGBT-specific provisions in the House of Representatives’ version will make it into the final bill.


D.C. – The DC Agenda reports that the Obama Administration has extracted a promise from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to veto the “Kill Gays” bill if it passes parliament and makes it to his desk. While Museveni has not explicitly condemned the bill, as the US has demanded, he has permitted government-run media to carry editorials by two senior members of his government denouncing the bill. (DC Agenda)

New Jersey – New Jersey Republicans opposing same-gender marriage are suggesting extra-awesome civil unions as a substitute. (NJ.com, h/t Box Turtle Bulletin)

Connecticut – Martha Stewart likes (big, fancy) gay marriage. Prominent marriage equality blogger Jeremy Hooper’s wedding got a big ol’ feature in Martha’s wedding magazine. (Queerty)