A group pushing for an anti-transgender bill at the Minnesota Legislature handed out anti-transgender fliers at the Minnesota Republican Party’s State Central Committee meeting on Saturday.

The Minnesota Child Protection League passed out the flier which read, “Do we want it reported that the GOP House took no action to protect kids? Even when 90% of MN votes agree that students have a right to privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with facilities that separate biological males and females. 81 percent of MN voters disagree that a biological boy who self-identifies as a girl should be able to share bathrooms, locker room and showers that biological girls are using. The MN State High School League and the MPLS/St. Paul school districts are already forcing this on children. Tell the GOP House to bring HF1546 to the floor”

Details on those poll numbers haven’t been released by MNCPL. The organization has refused repeated requests by The Column to see the methodology and the questions posed to respondents.

House File 1546 was introduced by Republicans in response to pressure from the MNCPL and the Minnesota Family Council. Those two organizations have been at the forefront of opposition to LGBT-inclusive policies in public schools. In December, the Minnesota State High School League adopted an appeals process intended to make high school athletics more inclusive for transgender students. Minneapolis Public Schools and St. Paul Public Schools have adopted transgender inclusive policies over the last year. HF1546 would repeal those policies and block all other public school districts from adopting transgender inclusive policies.

The anti-transgender fliers being distributed by MNCPL caught the attention of Republican activist Rob Doar who posted a picture of a stack of the fliers:

Shortly after that, Julie Quist who serves as treasurer for the group’s political action committee, tweeted out her own version of the flier:

The flier led to criticism from all sides of the political spectrum:

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