Via CCLM Facebook page
Via CCLM Facebook page

Can’t Convert Love Minnesota, the main group pushing for a ban on “ex-gay therapy” for minors, has released a strategic plan through which the group hopes to ban the practice.

Dubbed the “Vulnerable Minnesotans and Taxpayers Protection Plan,” CCLM’s plan takes aim at “ex-gay therapy” from three angles: legislative, legal, and educational.

“In 2014, our campaign was based on an idea developed by passionate youth across the country. After doing extensive research, reviewing recent court decisions, and hearing input from professionals in healthcare and members of the community, we developed those ideas into the first statewide plan to address the problematic practice of sexual orientation change efforts.” said Gabe Aderhold, campaign manager of the Can’t Convert Love MN campaign.

Aderhold noted the case of 17-year old Leelah Alcorn, a transgender woman who took her own life last week. Alcorn had noted on social media that her parents took her to Christian therapy aimed at preventing her from transitioning.

“Leelah Alcorn is one of many young adults that have faced the severe, and sometimes deadly, consequences that sexual orientation change efforts can have on youth in our country,” said Aderhold. “These efforts, lacking a basis in science & safe medical practices, have driven individuals to the edge. Aclorn’s death should be a wake-up call and underscore the significance of the full implementation of our plan over the next six months.”

Here’s the full plan:

Download (PDF, 2.22MB)

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