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There aren’t many times at the theater when you experience talent from both veteran and beginning thespians.  Uncle Walt is one of those rare times.  Staged in the intimate atmosphere of the People’s Center Theater, the audience up close and cannot help but be extremely involved with the production.  With a cast of only four actors, this play just shy of an hour and a half, will keep you on you toes.  You may even find yourself on the edge of your seat or turning away in between bouts of incredible laughter.

The play was written by a young new playwright from the Twin Cities, Andrew Rosdail.  The show is about a couple of brothers that are feuding over who gets to possess and control the frozen head of Walt Disney.  The head was stolen by disgruntled Clint, Played by Nick James Parker, after losing his job as a Disney animator.  Younger brother, Ron, played by Coletrane T. Johnson play angry brothers with sibling rivalry that is abusive and hilarious.

Uncle Walt, played by Nicholas Pierro, is truly the focus of attention as you see his bodiless head move from place to place and speak to each of the brothers.  And Matt Wall in the part of next door neighbor is inspired.

Through bouts of very physical fighting and stabbing, the brothers seem to come together in the end as they trot off to the store.

This play is a triumph for new writer Andrew and was thoughtfully and decisively directed by the principal of Brazen Theatre, Mark Hooker.

If you have the budget for only one live theatrical experience this holiday season, why not take a break from the traditional offering of A Christmas Carol and Nutcracker and spend less cash to see a really great show.

This show is great value and the tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets.

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[blockquote style=”1″]An awesome dark comedy that brings laughter with a touch of political commentary – Shawn[/blockquote] [blockquote style=”1″]Hilarious dark comedy at its best! Go see it now! – Stephanie[/blockquote]

Disclosure: Keith Pederson does volunteer public relations for Brazen Theater, and has appeared on stage as a cast member of previous Brazen shows.

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