Home News Child Protection League Action Uses Stock Photo of Lesbian Novel in Anti-LGBT Ad

Child Protection League Action Uses Stock Photo of Lesbian Novel in Anti-LGBT Ad

Child Protection League Action Uses Stock Photo of Lesbian Novel in Anti-LGBT Ad

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Going Going Gone – The CPL Action Story


The Child Protection League Action [CPLAction] proclaimed on their Facebook page today that they have taken out the below ad in the Star Tribune and other newspapers around the state.

“Her dreams of a scholarship shattered,” it says, “your 14-year old daughter just lost her position on an all-girl team to a male….” To make matters worse, it appears as though this male who replaced your daughter on the team also plans to shower with her, but as of yet, CPLAction has yet to explain how this would happen since there is no documented instance of this happening.

This is expected for an organization that doesn’t fact check it’s own materials. The advertisement featured a very depressed photo of a girl who we are led to believe lost her position on the girl’s baseball team to a transgender individual.

What the CPLAction PAC did not realize was that this was a stock photo for the cover of Going, Going, Gone – Susie’s Story. According to Amazon.com, “Going, Going, Gone Girl – Susie’s Story is a lesbian novel who’s main character, Susie Torres, “…accidentally on purpose comes out to her mother.” Not exactly the theme CPLAction PAC may have been targeting when they ran their ad.



The author of the book, Barbara L. Clanton, has been writing adult lesbian novels that provide and empower positive lesbian role models. A small detail the CPLAction PAC should have been aware of when they decided to use a stock photo for their anti-LGBT ad.

On November 21, 2014, the CPLAction PAC ramped up their anti-LGBT rhetoric in a barrage of emails, twitter announcements and Facebook postings. Their main talking point this time around was, “that there is no state or federal law that requires or even makes provision for the MSHSL policy, and, until this week, Mr. Stead has been unwilling to admit it.”

CPLAction PAC must have missed the big news on April 24, 2014 when the U.S. Department of Education released new guidelines concerning transgender and gender non-conforming students. Under Title IX, transgender and gender non-conforming students are now protected from discrimination, thus creating a federal law that now prohibits discrimination based on sex within the public school system. Title IX states:


On their website, CPLAction PAC issued a statement concerning the upcoming vote saying, “We would hope that the debate on this serious a matter affecting so many Minnesota children, would be conducted in a more forthright, honest manner.” The vote on the Transgender Student Athlete Policy is December 4, 2014, however based on the current stream of incorrect information flowing from CPLAction PAC, their complete lack of fact checking and their inability to source general Federal Law, it appears that they are violating their own request for forthright honesty.