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This week’s Spotlight on the Arts features Tony Anderson aka Jamie Monroe, a drag personality who performs at the Townhouse Bar and the Brass Rail, among many other venues. This week’s featured artist was recently the focus of a mini-documentary which is featured as part of Atlantic Magazine’s curated short film collection.

Here’s the film synopsis:

In this short documentary, director Tony Franklin profiles a drag queen as he prepares for a night of performances in the Twin Cities. While slipping into his Dolly Parton-inspired persona, he considers questions of identity, masculinity, and performance. “What does make a man a man? It’s certainly not just a penis that makes a man a man,” he says. “It’s about just being you. Whatever that means.”

(Additional credits: Alex Horner, director of photography/editor/color; Joey Verskotzi, music composition; Bryan Hanna, sound mix; Brian Suerth, assistant camera; Nick Leisenheimer, Patrick Schaefer, and Nick Mihalevich, production sound.)

Normally, Spotlight on the Arts contains an interview between the artist and TheColu.mn, but this moving video speaks for itself:

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