The Star Tribune’s anti-gay marriage columnist has a new article up condemning same-sex marriage because, among other reasons, “In America, about two-thirds of gay couples who seek legal recognition are lesbians.” Apparently, lesbians aren’t as gay as gay men. I had intended to refute her column line-by-line, but so many have already done so, I thought it’d be good to hear what some Minnesotans — many of whom don’t identify as gay or lesbian — thought of Kersten’s latest column.

CityPages goes through the article line-by-line: “And now we have the result: a string of logic more tortured than an Abu Ghraib prisoner.”

Michelangelo Signorile writes: “What evidence is she talking about? Where’s her data? did the editor see it? Because all the studies I see show that there is no difference in terms of how kids turn out whether they grow up in straight or gay households, and if fact there is some evidence (one recent study) that they do better in lesbian households. Why is this woman simply allowed to lie?”

Dave Mindeman of the Minnesota Network for Progressive Action has one of the best fact-checking of Kersten’s column I’ve seen.

“Actually, the legal term of marriage is really a product of the mid-19th century. Licenses were required to make sure people didn’t bond themselves in the unnatural act of a mixed-race marriage. (So you see, marriage licensing was spawned in bigotry),” he writes. “Prior to that, people would generally make an announcement, get the permission of the families, and head to the church.”

He takes issue with Kersten’s tortured logic that somehow gays and lesbians tying the knot will lead to fewer children living with married parents. “Kersten is concerned that only 59% of children live with their married parents. So if we legalize same-sex marriages, which cannot biologically reproduce but could give a loving adoptive home, we are eroding that further? How?”

Spot decided that he is tired of refuting Kersten’s anti-gay tirades (She’s had half a dozen in the last two years).

“Katie warns an unsuspecting public of a ‘slippery slope’ in every column. And thus it is today in The perilous, slippery slope of gay marriage. But Spot isn’t going to write about it. He’s going to adopt the advice of Bishop John Shelby Spong: just ignore these hate-filled creeps for the pestilential pus bags they are. They aren’t worthy of engagement.”

The blog, Triumph of Conservative Philanthropy had even less to say but still made a good point:

“From Kersten’s column today in the Strib: ‘Sex between men and women creates new human beings.’ Thanks for clearing that up.”

The comments at the Star Tribune (357 and counting!) were generally harsh on Kersten.

robbstar comments, “The same types of arguments were made to oppose the equal rights amandment and granting women the right to vote. The author’s agruments are simply bigotry and propogate discrimination.

jmaynard says, “I’ll believe you think it’s about children…..when you push for a law restricting legal marriage benefits to those who have them. There are plenty of happily married couples out there who will never have or adopt children as a matter of choice, yet by your argument they’re destroying the institution of marriage as surely as a gay couple.”

Randi Reitan writes, “What do think when you read a column like this in your newspaper? Do you feel any shame at all? Do you understand the pain it causes a whole segment of our society? Gay people have been a part of the this world throughout history … they have been treated terribly because of ignorance and fear… and columns like this one fan the flames of ignorance and fear. I hope you sit down with your columnist and talk about how words can hurt and can actually turn into acts of violence. As a mother with a beloved gay son … I am filled with sadness that a Minneapolis newspaper would see fit to publish this latest Kersten piece so lacking in compassion and truth.”

And the Twitter world was not pleased either. I couldn’t find a single tweet that praised the article — except a tongue-in-cheek message from the Fake Rep. Bachmann.

mollypriesmeyer tweeted, “According to Katherine Kersten’s column this morning, infertile couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry. #Seriously”

doctorgonzo said, “I canceled my Strib subscription long ago b/c of Katherine Kersten. I would love to read a smart conservative column. Not hers.”

health_nutty wasn’t amused either. “Katherine Kersten may have outdone herself this time. Gay marriage is as damaging as global warming? Oh my.”

SusannahS made an astute comparison, “Is it just me, or is Strib columnist Katherine Kersten sounding more and more like that cheerleading coach on Glee? Next up: “Caning works!””

Perhaps the most sarcastic tweet, however, came from the Fake Rep. Michele Bachmann: “Katherine Kersten, my home girl, wrote the Star Trouble-une today on the evils of gay marriage. Yay! But Kath? Let’s ditch the perm, really.”

Here’s what Fake Bachmann was talking about:


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  1. The Glee reference left me laughing for some time.

    Great, great article, Andy.

    Kersten used to really, really piss me off and I wanted her fired. (I still think much less of the Strib for running her pieces – they are an embarrassment for that paper.) She has gotten so outlandish and cartoonish that she has become a more powerful galvanizing force for gay rights than any other local talking head. I say we should let her become THE voice for the opposition to gay rights.


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