Performers from Patrick’s Cabaret will be bringing some Minneapolis talent to the Windy City this week as part of a collaboration between curators April Sellers and Rebecca Kling and their popular “Poonies at Patrick’s.”

Minneapolis performer Justin Leaf will be presenting his alter ego, Mistress Ginger, in celebration of Mistress Ginger Cooks, a vegan cookbook.

Patrick’s Cabaret described the performance: “Drawing from her notorious past as a doll on a music box, Justin Leaf as Mistress Ginger takes her audience on jacked up journey from freedom to fetters and back again.”

Theresa Madaus, also from Minneapolis, will also be on tour in Chicago: “Because there can never be enough nun drag, Madaus will be presenting The Confessions of Sister Mary Katharine Perry, an irreverent romp from a recovering Catholic. The Little Dutch Boi may also make an appearance, assuming he’s not too busy keeping the dykes from falling down.”

They’ll be joined by Chicago performers J’Sun Howard, Darrell Jones, and Joseph R. Varisco.

Curators Kling and Sellers will also be performing.

Sellers’ new piece Big Baby, Sellers explores queer performance’s influence on feminine archetypes.

Kling, who explores gender and identity through solo performance and educational workshops, will be taking the stage as well. According to a release from Patrick’s Cabaret, “Hot on the heels of her December 2013 gender reassignment surgery, Rebecca Kling is ready to get down to the brass tacks of her brand new vagina: Dilation, masturbation, and (of course) sitting down to pee.”

“The queer community is diverse and complex, and many facets of the community are often left out or forgotten,” Kling said in a statement. “As a queer artist, activist, and curator, I aim to honor that complexity and seek out other artists who will do the same.”

Sellers added, “I seek to amplify voices that are traditionally unheard. Each year I see a lot of queer performances and some of the work that is breaking through, at least to me, are those pieces, which embrace the entirety of the LGBTQA community. I’m really interested in giving those artists a chance to share their work.”

Date: May 21-22 at 7pm
Location: Links Hall At Constellation, 3111 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60618

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