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This week’s Spotlight on the Arts features Tyler Hallett, an artist of many trades.

Tell us about your form of art, performance or work.
Video, Performance, Interaction, Programming based art, Time and Interactivity, New-Media, Group based….ideas!

Where and how can the general public view, participate in, or purchase your work?
I will be having content making sessions in Minnesota this year in October and will be looking for people to join! (I will be making more for sure plans as the time comes closer and could possibly use this use this website to promote the content making event) Until then I will be traveling to Nepal, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and Korea and holding interactions and performances with local people and places. You can follow me on my blog and my instagram at

Tell us a little about your inspiration. What inspires you?
My first biggest inspiration comes from creating and capturing moments. So much of our modern life has us looking at the future or somewhere else instead of focusing on the people and place is in front of us. Also I am inspired how I can use technology not only as a way to facilitate interactions but also manipulate and juxtapose those moments through a programming language. Finally I come from a painting background, so I do not view video as a thing to edit, but more or less something to manipulate like I would paint. I look to change what we see video as being and bring it into the context of a painting.

Tell us about one piece, work, or performance about which you are particularly proud?
In November of 2013, I was invited to participate in a program at a museum in Beijing and was able to hold a few events with local people there. I got to plan events and create video content. The title of the project is Move, Make, Create. I was able to create a wide variety of video content while interacting with the people there. It was so much fun and I was able to make connections with so many new people. Now the project will continue this year as I was able to focus it more and will be traveling to more new countries and holding more events before returning to Minneapolis to hold events in October.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?
Making “art” and “performance” something that is part of everyday life and not only meant for the art world and artist. We are all artist, we are all creative, everyone has that capacity in some form…and our society and cities should reflect this.

Here are some examples of Hallett’s work:

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