There’s nothing like a show that not only gives you a great performance except a show with diverse women showing off their bossoms in nipple tassels. It was an extravagant opening Friday night at the burlesque show “DIVERSI-TEASE” and my first experience of a wild and amazing performance. A mixture of sex, dance and comedy really brought the attention of the audience creating an electric vibe of a good time. The costumes, the lights, the skits were all well done including one from Toni Elling, one of the most seasoned of all burlesque performers. “DIVERSI-TEASE” delivers for a good night out of fun and I hope to see the next show on the stage.


[sws_dropcaps_background_color letter=”Y” fontcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”FFFFFF”] [/sws_dropcaps_background_color]ou only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

– Mae West

Check out these amazing images of the debut of DIVERSI-TEASE: “The Extravagant Weekend of Burlesque Stars” at the Ritz Theater on Jan. 31.

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