Remember last week when we all called and emailed the Rochester Post-Bulletin to ask why they were so crabby when two dykes tried to have their fully-legal-in-Canada marriage printed? Well, they responded on their blog. ViaLloydletta:

“19 October 2005

Same-sex wedding notices

The P-B doesn’t publish free same-sex wedding notices in our lifestyle news columns.

This is in keeping with most U.S. newspapers that still publish free wedding notices. Many metro-sized newspapers don’t carry free wedding notices at all.

We do publish paid wedding notices for same-sex couples. Those run as “Celebrations” ads.

Our policy recently made news in a Twin Cities gay-lesbian magazine, and the story was picked up by KSTP-TV. Several readers have followed up with questions and comments.

Here’s our rationale: We publish notices for marriages legally recognized in Minnesota. This allows for clarity and consistency in our wedding notices at a time when there’s great disagreement and political controversy over same-sex marriage, and while marriage laws are evolving.

What do you think?”

Here’s what I think. It’s not even separate but equal. They’re making same-sex couples pay more for something that is less. In Minnesota, it’s been illegal (since 1993, I think) to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and that’s exactly what this is.

And here’s the link to the Post-Bulletin blog. Be sure to tell them what you think.

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