It is seriously frustrating that these “Christian” groups have all this time to sit around and dream up conspiracies, when perhaps they should take some time to tackle the larger problems in society. Maybe they could take some time to help out the homeless who will surely freeze to death in the harsh Minnesota winter, or maybe spend some time helping our new immigrants learn english. Perhaps they could teach young people about birth control, thereby preventing all those awful abortions they keep harping about. Nope. They’d rather sit around and dream up conspiracy and sex orgies in the high schools.

The latest in this incredibly intelligent Christian thinking involves Maple Grove Senior High and the gay-straight group that is suing for equal access. The title of the article is “Homosexual Activists Suspected of Pulling Students’ Strings in GSA Lawsuit.” Here’s what Linda Harvey of Mission America has to say about the lawsuit and it’s effect on students [via Pam’s House Blend]:

“They will be introduced to college-age and adult homosexuals, and they will be fast-tracked right into the active practice of homosexual sex. What school ever wants to be in the situation of saying [that] homosexual sex is no problem for youth?”

Wow. There’s a fast-track on homosexual sex? Sign me up, it’s been a while! Here’s more from Harvey:

Harvey believes Maple Grove High School can avoid trouble by not considering homosexuality to be a viewpoint, as the students claim. She argues that the Osseo School District need not accept Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) like SAGE in order to have “viewpoint equality” on the campus, because homosexuality is not a viewpoint — rather, it is a dangerous, high-risk behavior. And the school, the Mission America spokeswoman would argue, has both the right and the responsibility to protect students from unhealthy or unsafe activities on its campus. “What’s going to happen in these homosexual clubs,” she asserts, “is that they are social venues where kids will meet other kids who are also inclined to homosexuality.”

Does she actually think that the groups meetings will turn into an orgy or something? Because that’s what she’s alluding to. I think Ms. Harvey needs to put down the hardcore gay porn, and come back to reality.

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