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  • Eggs WILL be laid! 2014 Easter Bonnet Parade

    Eggs WILL be laid! 2014 Easter Bonnet Parade

    Easter and Bonnets go together like Steel Magnolias.  They are inextricably linked, like some force of nature. They are sometimes outrageous (think hurricane or tornadoes), sometimes understated (think global warming), but no mistake about it folks – they are there!   They lie await for an entire year…  Waiting to be worn and for someone […]

  • Let the Bewitching Begin!

    Let the Bewitching Begin!

    Click on the image above to see pics from last year’s shenanigans! Happy Gay High Holidays! Brace yourself muffins – we have four spooktacular nights of the Gay High Holidays this year!  Lest you not take care you may end a casualty like this poor soul last year.   I will be out and about with the […]

  • Easter Bonnet Parade at the Eagle

    Video taken by Jody Koenig In this city if you blink – you miss a lot!  For those of you who were not downtown on Sunday to see all of the fabulousness watch this little video and stay tuned into TheColu.mn’s photo show coming soon! The Easter Bonnet Parade is an annual event at the […]