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  • Michael Walters as Dame Edna is on Her Way

    Michael Walters as Dame Edna is on Her Way

    Hello Possums! Well Muffins, we’ve waited long enough!  The one and only Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna is about to enter our stratosphere and grace the stage at Camp Cabaret and Lounge in St. Paul.  I caught up with her via a long distance conference call to Melbourne where she was readying herself for […]

  • Two Dames, One Delight!

    Two Dames, One Delight!

    Barry Humphries created Dame Edna A look back through the years Most people have heard of the saucy gal from down under Dame Edna Everage better known simply as Dame Edna, created by Barry Humphries.  Humphries created the character in the 1960’swho has played her to world stages periodically until he retired the character last […]