Living Word Christian Center, the Brooklyn Park home to local televangelist Mac Hammond, is hosting the “Power of Change Women’s Conference” on March 14 and 15. The event is led by Janet Boynes, a Minnesota author who’s book on becoming an “ex-lesbian” has been promoted by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s christian counseling clinic.

The event is being promoted by the Minnesota Family Council, one of the main financial backers of the failed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Boynes book, Called Out – A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom, serves as the mission statement for her ministry. But, as Truth Wins Out founder Wayne Besen pointed out, Boynes’ story doesn’t add up:

One does not even have to crack the cover of Boynes’ book to find misinformation. From the get-go Boynes falsely identifies herself as a lesbian, when she is very clearly bisexual. One does not have to be a sexologist at the Kinsey Institute to understand that the definition of a lesbian is a woman attracted to the same sex, while not attracted to the opposite sex. Meanwhile, a bisexual is attracted to both men and women. Clearly, Boynes fits the latter and flat-out says in her book, “I was not born homosexual. I made a decision.” (p.131)

In fact, Boynes’ attraction to the opposite sex appears to emerge during puberty prior to any signs of lesbianism. According to Boynes:

I was interested in boys, as most little girls are, but my masculine features and the fact that I beat them up kept most of the boys away from me. I had crushes on boys…I set my sights on boys at least two years younger than me and we snuck into the hallway to make out and smoke. (p. 6)

An unmistakable pattern of bisexuality is a constant throughout much of Boynes’ life. Based on her stated desire for men, it appears her hetero feelings denote a genuine sexual orientation rather than simply a lesbian engaged in situational heterosexual behavior. For example, on page 15 of Called Out, Boynes begins a relationship with a male dealer named Donald, “who provided me with all the attention and drugs that I wanted.”

There is much, much more at Truth Wins Out.

Boynes event will be held at Living Word Christian Center in mid-March, a church with a long history in the ex-gay movement.

Living Word is a longtime affiliate of Exodus International, an ex-gay group, and Boynes is the church’s contact person for Exodus.

The conference treats being lesbian as a disease.

“If you are struggling with [same-sex attraction], or have a friend or family member who is, get ready for a weekend that will change your life and give you the tools to walk in your deliverance.”

Also taking part in the conference is Anne Paulk. Paulk and her husband John have been doing the ex-gay circuit for decades. TWO outed John at a gay bar in 2000 and outed him again in December of last year. According to the article, John and Anne have separated and Anne continues to work with Restored Hope, a national ex-gay movement. Also speaking will be Nate Oyloe, who in 2009, tried to convince the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to engage in “ex-gay therapy.”

On KKMS’ On the Way with Ridgeway, Boynes said the LGBT movement is not about civil rights and that LGBT people do not get beaten or killed.

They are saying now that homosexuality is the new civil rights issue or could I say the new black.
Those who say homosexuality is not a choice and believe homosexuals are born that way as we all know there is no scientific authority to base that on. There’s no gay gene. The color of my skin is an immutable and unchangeable characteristic. I cannot change from black to white, but I did change from gay to straight and thousands of us out there have done so. and you think about the civil rights movement. I think it’s a slap in the face to those who have been back in that time who couldn’t ride on buses, who couldn’t sit in restaurants who couldn’t drink from water fountains. That’s not happening in the gay community right now, so you really can’t even compare the two, They are not getting beat to death, they are not getting hung from trees, and a lot of things that happen out there that they are saying is because of homosexuality, that is really not the case.

She added, “I believe the gay community’s goal is to indoctrinate our kids.”

Here’s the audio of that interview:

Janet Boynes Ministries includes some notable figures including Barb Anderson, who has been a researcher for the Minnesota Family Council and helped found the Parents Action League in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. PAL has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Boynes has gotten positive reviews from Minnesota notables such as Pastor Mac Hammond and Rep. Michele Bachmann, as well as national figures including Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins.

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