On the Second Ward blog, Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon announced his support for a fair, transparent and speedy trial for CeCe McDonald, a transgender woman accused of murder. Many in the community view her case as one of self-defense against a hate crime and are concerned that, CeCe, a transgender woman of color won’t get a fair trial.

I am adding my voice to the growing number of those speaking up to support CeCe McDonald and call for fairness, transparency and expediency in her case. Chrishaun CeCe McDonald’s case started with a tragic incident that occurred last summer that left one person dead.

It appears that CeCe was the victim of a hate crime that involved many people but she was the only person held by the police. Here is another example transgender women of color being targeted for hate- and bias-related violence. It is unfortunate that in this case, as in so many, the hate crime itself appears to have been ignored. All reports indicate that after her arrest she was held in solitary confinement and denied adequate medical care for her injuries.

I stand in solidarity with CeCe, her family, Outfront Minnesota and a growing number of people in the community who are working to ensure that she is treated with dignity and respect and has access to safe and supportive legal services. This matter should be resolved quickly and fairly, so that she and her family can go on with their lives, without a prolonged court case and trial looming over their heads.

OutFront Minnesota has more information about CeCe’s case. Readers can stay up to date on the latest developments at SupportCeCe.

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