The anti-gay marriage amendment continues to be the topic of conversation on Minnesota’s editorial pages. And the Minnesota Twins will create an It Gets Better video.

LGBTQ Nation profiles Jeff Wilfahrt who is running for a seat in the state legislature. He was inspired to run for office after the GOP passed the anti-gay marriage amendment.

David Badash of the New Civil Rights Movement gives a 6-point takedown of Minnesota for Marriage’s latest video.

HRC notes that Minnesotans United for All Families is having success at phone banking.

A St. Paul church lost a lot of support when it came out in favor of same-sex marriage, but a Dallas, Tex., church came to the rescue with a financial donation.

The University of Minnesota Law School held a debate on the anti-gay marriage amendment.

Community television Channel 12 in the northwest suburbs tells the story of the anti-gay marriage amendment and about a Maple Grove couple who have been together for 55 years and just got married in their church. But they can’t legally marry in Minnesota. Minnesota for Marriage’s Chuck Darrell says that marriage shouldn’t be “redefined.”

The Twin Cities Daily Planet‘s Free Speech Zone looks at the move by Minnesota’s Jewish community to oppose the amendment.

“‘My blood boils’ said Minneapolis Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman as she recalled the plaintive plea of a toddler who asked if her two moms would go to jail if the amendment passes.”

WCCO took a look at the religious movements behind both sides of the amendment battle:

Gay Lesbian Community Services of Southeast Minnesota joined the Minnesotans United coalition. It’s based in Rochester.

Minnesota conservative blogger Fraters Libertas notes the Catholic church’s push to pas the amendment:

It will be interesting to see how having the Minnesota Marriage Amendment on the ballot this November will impact other races. In particular, I’m curious about how the Catholic Church’s open and unequivocal support for the amendment might influence Catholic voters in those other races. Because from what I’m seeing in our parish, this is one fight that the leaders of the Church are not shying away from. There are regular mentions of it in the weekly bulletin as well as separate sheets inserted in them that explain the Church’s stance on the amendment and why it’s important for Catholics to vote for it. Speakers are being brought in to give parishioners first hand opportunities to learn more about the matter and address any concerns they might have. The push is definitely on.

Roz Wound Up points to a video released by the First Univeralist Church in Minneapolis that is opposed to the anti-gay marriage amendment:

The Minnesota Student Association and the Student Senate, the two main student government entities at the University of Minnesota have come out strongly in opposition to the anti-gay marriage amendment.

The Minnesota Twins will be creating an It Gets Better video to be released in May.

In This Week Live, a south suburban newspaper, a reader says:

To the editor:

What would Jesus do in this situation of voting yes or no on the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment?

No doubt as a Jewish man who welcomed everyone, sat and taught with everyone, and championed compassion, understanding and loving our neighbor as ourselves, he would be outraged at this prejudiced, hurtful, and love-lacking amendment.

WWJD? He would be writing this response instead of me. He would encourage others to vote against its passage as he would do.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am compelled by Almighty God to fight against oppression, bigotry, and those who deny equal opportunity to the blessed union of marriage for all God’s children.

If he were physically here today, Jesus would be leading the charge against this selfish, hurtful amendment to our sisters and brothers.

Though physically not here, Jesus does reside in his followers who follow his great commandment: Love God and your neighbor as yourself.

I take that commandment seriously, as do many but not all Christians. To love God and my neighbor as myself, I am called to rally opposition to this amendment and fight long and hard for its death in November.


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