Experience Wonder!
When it comes to an eye for the dramatic, Mark Durkop certainly has it.  Owner and creative mind behind The Event Dynamic Durkop is the most recent draft into The Saloon’s desire to keep fresh and bring amazing new energy into a club scene that has a lot of competition.  Ever since Facebook and the overnight development of every aspiring event organizer having a virtually free promotion pass, the day of driving the cattle to an event has been a bit more challenging.  Enter Durkop with a fresh approach of not simply staging an event – but transforming a space and bringing attendees to a different world entirely.  A few months back The Saloon hired Durkop to transform the entire bar complex into a Big Top with circus acts and raucous fun.  Tonight the same complex will be brought to life as Wonder – a sort of adult spin on the Lewis Carroll  favorite of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

For merely the price of the normal cover, you will no doubt enjoy a splendid night of wonder should you decide to add this event into your plan!

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