Brass Rail reopens: Goodbye Grungy Bathrooms, Hello Luxury

by October 4, 2009

Rail resizedLong known as one of the diviest of dives among Twin Cities gay bars, the Brass Rail’s stained carpeting is gone and the bathrooms — dank, dirty and smelling of urine — have been completely replaced with natural stone treatments and an upscale look.

The Brass Rail has long had a regular clientele — old-timers ogling strippers and dive-bar aficionados — but its future seemed bleak when the owners of the Saloon sold it and the new owner couldn’t generate enough business to keep it afloat (let alone make the needed updates).

Enter Peter Hafiz. Hafiz owns several strip clubs on the block as well the the Gay 90s — he practically owns the entire block at 5th and Hennepin Ave. He also owned the building that the Rail is housed in. It seems a natural fit for the adult entertainment mogul to revamp one of the dingiest bars on the Hennepin strip.

Hafiz, who has begun a major remodel of the Gay 90s has done a fantastic job on its neighbor, the Brass Rail. And while wrangling with the city, it took 9 months to complete.

It is opulent with granite on the bar, walls and stage, and is ready for bigger and better things than that space has seen in a long time. The World Famous Brass Rail reopened in late September and is one magnificent addition to the downtown lineup. When you first walk in you are immediately welcomed to the newly defined space with warm tones of natural stone. The front facade is a nice touch — the front completely opens to the sidewalk (weather permitting of course). Further the upscale with bar treatment of marble and a private lounge in the back specifically designed for bottle service. The management wanted it to be known that they have yet to host their official launch as they still have surprises in store including a talent line up to be managed by none other that the Gay 90’s show lounge director Nina Diangelo. Even the outside facade managed to take the best of the old (the original sign) and blend it with a new eye catching burst of color lighting up the side of the building and showing off the new windows. The Brass Rail has magically transformed a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

The Brass Rail
422 Hennepin Av.
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