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Krissy Bates, a transgender woman who lived in downtown Minneapolis, was found murdered in her apartment on Monday in what police are calling a homicide. Police say she appeared to have been stabbed. Details are still sketchy, but CityPages notes that Bates had feared for her safety in her building.

Bates had recently been sexually assaulted, according to her neighbor, and someone had broken out one of her windows. “She told me that she was concerned for her safety,” the neighbor told CityPages. “Management said, that’s really not our problem, call the police.”

OutFront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program Director Rebecca Waggoner said they don’t have many details at this point but that they are setting up a vigil on Jan. 21 at 6 pm in Bates’ neighborhood which is near MCTC. A firm location will be set over the next few days.

“In Minnesota and nationally there are high rates of anti-transgender violence,” said Waggoner. The details of the murder including whether or not it was anti-trans motivated are still unclear, but Waggoner said OutFront will be watching the investigation closely.

“The Minneapolis Police Department has assured us that they are investigating fully,” she said. “We are encouraging anybody with any information to contact the Minneapolis police.”

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  1. I hope they find who did it. There should be some information in regards to it if it were in an apartment I would imagine. This makes me a bit frightful because I live in an apartment where my roomate was kicked out for smoking pot. This is not good.

  2. […] 13 Jan A trans-woman was found murdered in her apartment, by MCTC. She had already complained to and was ignored by building management. The story is covered here at The Colu.mn Blog. […]


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