Following on the heels of several lefty South Minneapolis churches, Rabbi Michael Adam Latz and Rabbi Melissa Simon of the Shir Tikvah synagogue have decided to refuse to sign any more civil marriage licenses until marriage equality becomes the law of the land in Minnesota. Shir Tikvah will continue to perform religious marriages, but opposite-gender couples will have to find someone else to sign a civil marriage certificate.

“I would never seek to inconvenience anyone, but when the choice is between stopping engaging in an injustice or inconvenience, injustice wins,” said Rabbi Latz.

Go read the rest at! (Disclosure: I’m a freelance reporter for Southwest Patch, covering the Minneapolis Public Schools, and they’ll make money off of your eyeballs by selling them on the organ black markets of Bhutan. Just kidding. They just count how many people look at their site and use this info to sell ads.)

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