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Target Needs To Hear From You


By now I am sure most of us have heard the news that Target Corporation has donated about $150,000.00 to the PAC that supports anti-gay GOP Candidate Tom Emmer.   The news has really been quite a shock to a lot of people.

Target has been a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community here in Minnesota.  Target can be found every year in Loring Park as part of Twin Cities Pride.  Target is also a huge supporter of the Minnesota AIDS Walk held every May in Minnehaha Park.  The Target Corporation is listed as one of the biggest supporters of the Human Rights Campaign.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided that Corporations have the same rights as citizens when it comes to national campaign contributions, are we now finding out that Target Corporation has been dishonest in their support of the LGBTQ Community?  Is their support of equality for LGBTQ people only limited to Pride events, AIDS Walk and other activities, but not really supportive?

It is important that the Target CEO hears from every member of the LGBTQ Community.  The person, address and phone number are as follows:

Gregg W. Steinhafel, Chairman, President, and CEO
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
MN Tel. 612-304-6073
Fax 612-696-5400.

Let Target’s CEO hear from every member of the Twin Cities LGBTQ Community.  Make sure Gregg W. Steinhafel knows how you feel about Target Corporation supporting the most anti-gay candidate for Governor in Minnesota.  If you have a Target Credit Card or pharmacy account consider returning them and telling Target why.

I would also suggest that we urge Twin Cities Pride to also communicate with Gregg W. Steinhafel to inform him of the community’s disappointment in Target.  If Target is going to support an anti-gay candidate, then the LGBTQ Community does not need to support Target with our money.


  1. I would say that they didn’t do as much wrong as it is publicized to be. As long as they still show there support for LGBT members I feel it is fine. Target as a business still needs to be looking out for their political interests. However it is frightening how that court decision is going to play out for minority groups in the future.

  2. Not only do I disagree with your comments, I find them cowardly. Nothing but lame ass excuses for bad policies on the part of Target. LGBT people have no business supporting Target at this point. I won’t shop there again. I haven’t walked into their pharmacy since I delivered my letter telling them that I would no longer shop there and to transfer my prescriptions to another pharmacy. HRC has officially removed Target from their equality index after I and many others put pressure on them to do so. HRC was slow to act, but they finally did the right thing. Target has yet to follow suit.

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