Minneapolis Human Rights Campaign gala protested — by queers

by September 16, 2009

A dozen protesters gathered outside the Twin Cities Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday to shed light on what they say are failures by the organization to support trans folks in its agenda and that “HRC’s focus on marriage rights distracts from other issues that affect queer people” such as HIV prevention, racism and sexism.


Gala event adverts say that “All proceeds support HRC efforts to end discrimination against GLBT people and families. Help end discrimination at work, in our tax system, in our military, and in our communities – and have fun while you’re at it! Learn, dine and dance to help Speak the Truth and celebrate equality!”

The Gala dinner recognized local advocates and politicians as well as some California actors. The event dress was billed as “Festive attire-all styles welcome.” But the handful of protesters dressed in festive wedding attire were thrown from the gala within minutes of arriving.


The protest was organized by Bash Back! Twin Cities:

Bash Back! Twin Cities is devastated that we cannot afford the $185-250 per person fee to attend the Human Rights Campaign “Speak The Truth” Gala Dinner and Silent Auction and congratulate rich gay celebrities who will be receiving “visibility” awards for being rich gay celebrities. While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to contribute to “LGBT Equality” by attending the Gala and hear first hand the “Truth Speaking” of the HRC, we were ecstatic to learn that we can liberate ourselves by getting married!

The protesters donned wedding attire and stormed into the dinner, read wedding vows — vows that committed to fighting things like racism, hunger and transphobia, issues that the protesters accuse HRC of neglecting.


The wedding vows read, “We, Bash Back! Twin Cities, take one another to be insurrectionary radical queerz, to resist and to liberate ourselves from all systems of domination, for glitter and for cupcakes, for unicorns and for rainbows, in genderless bathrooms and in the streets, in love and in rage, from this dance party forward.”


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