Towelroad Gay News reports that the National Organization for Marriage has launched a smear ad blitz against New Hampshire Governor John Lynch for his strong support for Marriage Equality.

“The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has launched a $200,000 ad blitz in New Hampshire attempting to smear Governor John Lynch for his support of same-sex marriage with the pretense of going after his fiscal record.”

In a web site called Lynchlied NOM states the following:

“Governor John Lynch promised New Hampshire voters when he ran for governor that he supported traditional marriage and opposed gay marriage. He said in a 2006 gubernatorial debate, “I do not support gay marriage.” (See video at the 11:20 mark.)

Unfortunately, that was another lie. Last year, Lynch signed the gay marriage bill into law. He also refused to support efforts to let New Hampshire voters vote on this critical issue. Voters in 31 states, including in neighboring Maine, have had the opportunity to vote on the marriage issue and every state has reaffirmed their support for traditional marriage and rejected gay marriage. In 2009, Maine voters rejected gay marriage legislation passed by their Legislature and reaffirmed that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized.”

This is the kind of smear campaign that NOM will bring to Minnesota beginning with their appearance at St. Thomas University this upcoming Saturday.  They will smear the name of any Governor or legislator who will seek to pass marriage equality in Minnesota.

This is why it is imperative that Minnesotan’s who care about the future of marriage equality in our State be concerned about what is happening this Saturday.  Fair and equal minded Minnesotan’s need to make their objection about NOM beginning their campaign here, heard loud and clear as soon as possible.

Outfront Minnesota invites everyone.

Meet at 8:30am on April 17th in front of the University of St. Thomas at Cretin and Summit to speak out for love, fairness and equality. This is a peaceful, nonviolent protest for love – let’s show NOM that we would respectfully like to disagree with their stance on GLBT people and families.

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