Artistic expression has been a vital part of the LGBTQ community, much of it lost to history. Our job at The Column to to preserve that history through written word, imagery, and video, and to inform the community about LGBTQ artists and events. We need your help to continue this unique work!

Coverage of LGBTQ arts in Minnesota is a rarity. Newsrooms have cut back on arts journalism. For-profit community publications give attention to advertisers and well-established artists at the expense of emerging artists, and artists from underrepresented communities. For the last 7 years, we’ve been spotlighting emerging LGBTQ artists and organizations (Read about them here), and previewing artistic endeavors of interest to our community (Check out that work here).

You support would help us: 1) Bring in guest writers to cover parts of the LGBTQ fabric that haven’t been given the attention they deserve, 2) Curate and showcase art from artists from across the community through the written word, video, and audio, and 3) Deliver a lineup of upcoming LGBTQ arts events, performances, and openings each week so you’ll know where to find the incredible art our communities create.

And most importantly, arts coverage keeps new readers in, serving as a gateway to the investigative and cultural analysis pieces that have earned The Column national accolades.

Become a sustaining supporter of The Column today and help this work continue to grow. As you give, consider an ongoing, monthly gift to keep The Column going strong.

The Column is a community-supported non-profit news, arts, and media organization. We depend on community support to continue the work of solid LGBT-centric journalism. If you like this article, consider visiting Give MN to make a contribution today.


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