The Republican majority of the Minnesota House wants to know if attendees at the Minnesota State Fair support laws barring transgender Minnesotans from using the bathroom, according to reports from KTOE and WNAX.

Each year for decades, the House conducts a poll of fairgoers on a range of issues. For example, when the Republicans controlled the House in 2011, they asked fairgoers whether a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman should pass (66 percent of fairgoers said “no”).

This year, a question on the poll reads, “Should schools and businesses be able to require individuals to use restroom and locker room facilities based on biological sex, as defined at birth?”

Other questions on the poll include whether to increase taxes for transit, to enact background checks on private gun sales, a question on expanding sick leave, and a question about the right for terminally and chronically ill people to die on their own terms.

The Minnesota House of Representatives booth is in the Education building on Cosgrove Street near the Minnesota State Fair main entrance.

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