It wouldn’t be right to start out a new week without proper recognition of the age old American tradition of over-consuming.  This is a new weekly feature that we are bringing you on Monday mornings as a companion to the Weekend Nightlife Preview. I welcome your tips for both upcoming events and not to be missed gatherings. Additionally, send in your tales (with pics if possible) of the best and possibly the worst that the weekend held in store. 

The biggest thing to report from this past weekend is that the second MisMatched Game was well attended in the Bolt Underground.  The event held on Saturday, January, 30 was a benefit for The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League.  Lucy Stoole ran the show that the cast of Moisha Lipshitz, Buffy Van Buren, Chadna Lehr, Danielle Charboneau, Gosh Alice Jones and yours truly continually attempted to steal.

If you are looking for a different take on the MisMatched Game, Dennis Janzen was there:

Last night I went to the gay baseball fundraiser at The Eagle. The drag queens were hilarious, but one was so sloshed that she had to take emergency powder room breaks to yark. We stay classy in Minneapolis…

By Sunday morning I was feeling fine and ready for more action so I had none other than Julie Dafydd over for a cuppa joe and to record a podcast about her upcoming show “Mother Courage and Her Children”.

It is rumored that’s own Andy Birkey made a grand attempt at draining the tap at the 19 Bar over the weekend as well!  Do you care to defend yourself  Mr. Birkey?’s own Andy Birkey adds:

“The 19 Bar was fun! A very busy Saturday night. I did NOT try to drain the tap, but at $2 a mug and $8 a pitcher, it’s definitely tempting. And probably the best deal in town on a Saturday night!”

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Peace & Coffee!

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