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Attention The Column readers! I am so thrilled to announce to this audience that has supported my Queering the Tarot series from the beginning, that my Queering the Tarot Workshop will take place just in time for Pride at the Eye of Horus on June 18th at Noon! While I’ve done this workshop several times, I’m so pumped to be doing it in such a renowned environment that I love so much. If you’re interested, here are the deets:

“This is a beginner-to-intermediate tarot workshop about reading for LGBTQQIAP+ querents (or as an LGBTQQIAP+ person.) The workshop examines how card interpretations and applications are different for queer seekers and encourages participants to think critically about how life circumstances, spirituality, and the institutions of our society that are present in the tarot are challenged by and challenging to people who are not both straight and cisgender. The workshop is part lecture, but also requires participation and critical thought among attendees. Queering the Tarot welcomes readers at all levels, but experience or basic knowledge of the cards provides a stronger platform for challenging tarot standards. “Queer” in this class is body and sex-positive, poly-inclusive, embraces non-binary identities and thinking, and is anti-patriarchy, and as such addresses the tarot’s guidance on these ideas. Allies and queer tarot lovers alike are encouraged to come learn an alternative approach to tarot. Participants should bring a tarot deck they feel comfortable with, paper and pen/pencil, and an open mind.”

Facebook event is here, and you can sign up here! Unfortunately, this class is only for people who live or can get to Minneapolis, MN. While traveling with this workshop or doing a telecast/webcast are dreams of mine, this one is in person, in Minneapolis.

Editor’s note: The Column is thrilled to promote this workshop. Cassandra’s support of our mission and countless hours contributing her expertise to The Column has been a large part of the organization’s success. We encourage you to check out this unique event. Be sure to check out some of her Queering the Tarot series.

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Cassandra is a queer writer, activist, and artist working out of Minneapolis, MN. She is a professional tarot card reader, and runs Gadfly Theatre Productions, a queer and feminist theatre company. Her life's work is on creating safe spaces and transformative experiences for marginalized people from all walks of life. To find out more about her as a tarot reader, check out cassandra-snow.com. For more information on Gadfly, visit gadflytheatre.org.


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