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Annandale toxic rocker Bradlee Dean still a thing, says gay people never victims of hate

Annandale toxic rocker Bradlee Dean still a thing, says gay people never victims of hate


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We haven’t posted about Annandale toxic rocker, pastor and radio talker for a while, since he’s not been so much a thing after he dissolved his street teams to focus on captive radio audiences.

Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman has been keeping an ear out, though, and came up with this gem, Bradlee Dean: Gay People Have Never Once Been Victims Of Hate:

On Tuesday, Religious Right activist Bradlee Dean appeared on “The Real Side with Joe Messina,” where he criticized “the homosexual industry, or lobby, in America” for going to “war with Scripture.”

Dean also had a message for “radical” gay rights advocates: “Those radicals need to be lawfully dealt with because they are radical, they mean to divide and conquer, they mean to make war against real Christianity.”

“I’ve yet to find a situation where a homosexual could actually verify the fact that they were the victim of someone actually hating on them,” he said. “I have yet to see it.

Dean struggles after street ministry teams disband

The last public speaking event that we can find was last summer’s appearance at West Michigan God and Country in the Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo area that we covered in Toxic Christian rocker Bradlee Dean does MN proud at West Michigan God & Country event.

Dean gained national attention in 2011 when he questioned President Obama’s faith in a prayer delivered while serving as guest chaplain for the Minnesota House. The prayer was redacted and then-Speaker Kurt Zellers ordered a do-over for that day’s session opener.

Later, Dean unsuccessfully tried to sue Rachel Maddow, MSNBC and local Minnesota reporter Andy Birkey for defamation after they reported remarks delivered on his radio show.

The 2013 and 2014 990 reports for Sons of Liberty posted online by Citizen Audit document the decline in the non-profit’s revenues since the end of the street teams. Contributions and grants went from $899,202 in 2012 to $740,311 in 2013, then sank to $411,426 in 2014. (It’s also possible that large donors departed from the scene).

His talk radio show’s website continues to crosspost articles written by crackpots around the Internets. Bluestem’s favorite whackadoodle post is Tribal Treason: Are Native American Reservations Future Terror Training Grounds?, by Jim White of Northwest Liberty News, source of Vanilla Isis fanboy scribbling.

In these waning days of Babylon, time has not been kind to Reverend Dean. At the City Pages, Corey Zurowski reported Minnesota’s Eight Active Hate Groups Are Struggling — and Dean was in the list. We suspect that even Minnesota’s Islamophobe secret speaker network will have none of him.

Photo: On Facebook this week, Dean posted a photo of himself and his children walking on Hollywood Boulevard. We cropped out the kids for privacy sake (and don’t link to the Facebook post), but Bradlee’s flaxen ponytail and ballcap are unforgettable. Is he about to have that big break in a Netflix original series or just on a family vacation?


  1. The man sees no problem because he doesn’t want to face the facts. The Oxymoron they [Christians Use] Love the SINNER hate the SIN. Signified were not to be accepted because, that if we do not follow their rules we are out. Please Allow us to lead the life God intended US, as He appointed NO ONE on earth to take His judgement from Him.

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