Friday, August 21

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”100″]Singer/Songwriter Series [/sws_yellow_box]


Guest curated and hosted by Venus de Mars
Venus de Mars
Karen Townsend
Javier Carrasco
Jeffrey Skemp

Patrick’s Cabaret music programming has grown considerably over the past five years, specifically the Singer/Songwriter Series and the Eclectic Electric Music Series. Our Singer/Songwriter Series features a solid mix of talented, emerging, and established local musicians. All artists present original works in a storyteller style format. This Singer/Songwriter Series will be guest-curated by Minneapolis music icon, Venus de Mars. Venus has hand-picked (3) songwriters to join her on stage to present an intimate evening of deeply personal work.

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Date: Friday, August 21 at 8:00 PM
Location: Patrick’s Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
Admission: $10 at the door, or $8 in advance from a musician
For more information, visit Facebook[/sws_blue_box] [sws_yellow_box box_size=”100″]Dragged Out [/sws_yellow_box]


The boys are back at it again!! Not only are we gonna have some of your favorites from the cast, we have a few special guests from a couple other cities that will be joining us!! A show you will definitely not wanna miss!!

$5 Cover/ 21+

* Blaze Bordeaux
* Ethan Prince
* Vincent
* Damien D’Luxe
* Xavier

Special Guests!

* Lilly Rascal – Chicago
* Dahlia Fatale – Chicago
* Sum Yung Wang – St. Louis

With our host of the night, @Jamie Monroe!!

Plus there will be plenty enough time to get your dance moves together after the show!

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Date: Friday, August 21 at 10:00pm – 2:00am
Location: Town House Bar, 1415 University Ave West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
For more information, visit Facebook[/sws_blue_box]

Saturday, August 22

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”100″]Play Party [/sws_yellow_box]


Curated and hosted by Chandler Daily
Inspired by our collective deviance from the vanilla, monogamous, heterosexual, and cisgender media, six very different artists of varying genders, kinks, and sexual orientations are coming together for one night of performance. At Play Party, we are sharing original work that explores sexual artistry, sex work and personal expression through the lens of our queer and trans identities. The depictions we see of sex in movies, TV, and even in porn and erotica tell familiar tales of flat hairless bodies, archaic gender roles and mind reading instead of negotiating consent. As queer and trans people, our lives rarely follow this script. Here there are no slow fades to black, this is queer sex on stage in all its glory. Through Play Party, we hope to share with each other genuine expressions of our sexualities as they really are. Queer and transgender people have historically had our sexualities used against us and erased in the name of assimilation into heteronormative culture. The goal of Play Party is to provide a space for queer and trans artists to express ourselves sexually free from fetishization and exploitation. Encompassing a wide variety of mediums, from performance art to suspension bondage, we will be joyfully exploring the deeply personal and inherently political. We are the porn we want to see in the world.

(Artists to be revealed closer to the event.)

*This event will be 18+ and you may not want to attend if you are uncomfortable with sex or nudity.

Chandler Daily is originally from Chicago but now happily living in St. Paul as an incoming senior at Hamline University. They have been a stage manager at heart since their first gig at age 14, and have since grown into a jack-of-all-trades theater technician. They are passionate about creating queer theater that speaks to the lives of those in their community, and you may have seen their work at 20% Theatre Company and Gadfly Theatre Productions. Chandler has tried to stop “making everything about gender” but found that to be impossible since everything is about gender.

[sws_blue_box box_size=”100″] Details
Date: Saturday, August 22nd at 7:30pm
Location: Patrick’s Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
Admission: $5 at the door or in advance from performers
For more information, visit Facebook[/sws_blue_box] [sws_yellow_box box_size=”100″]I DO! [/sws_yellow_box]

IFF Promotions and The Town House Bar present:
I DO!: A show celebrating Teresa and Kandy’s Wedding Day

Hosted by Miss Trish

With performances by:
Ana StaSia
Dotti West
Damien D’Luxe
Mercedes Iman
Tina Gee
Ty Torres
Kamaree Williams

And some special guest performances…..

[sws_blue_box box_size=”100″] Details
Date: Saturday, August 22 at 10:00pm
Location: Town House Bar, 1415 University Ave West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
Admission: Unknown
For more information, visit Facebook[/sws_blue_box]

Wednesday, August 26

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”100″]Pleasure Rebel: New Performance [/sws_yellow_box]


Featuring Kenna Cottman, Gender Tender, and Nico Swenson
Curated by Nastalie Bogira
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm

Presenting: Envoy Laoshi | Kenna Cottman
Ms Kenna will lead an activity, you will participate.

Ever/What | Gender Tender (Will Courtney and Syniva Whitney)
A duet about doing it, rom-coms and binary barf. Gender Tender is a queer interdisciplinary performance project that has been described as “stand up comedy as much as dance” by art critic Melissa Feldman and “dedicated to resisting any kind of binary” by dance writer Wendy Perron. Co-founded by choreographer and visual artist Syniva Whitney and actor Will Courtney, the group focuses on the trans and genderqueer experience.

I just want to poop on your soul. Please. And other special things. | Nico Swenson
I make weird stuff
When I was a child I had an erotic understanding of chocolate milk.
I remember my grandma had a turquoise sweater.
Can you spell egg?
I’ve seen a crickets fuck itself to death, have you?
I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m trying. Okay, Thank you.
Pleasure Rebel is a seasonal feminist performance series featuring artists working in dance, performance art and video, from the Twin Cities and beyond. Come see artists challenge the boundaries of queer art forms.

[sws_blue_box box_size=”100″] Details
Date: Wednesday, August 26 at 8:00pm
Location: Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater, 810 W Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Admission: Tickets: $8-15 sliding scale advance | $10-15 door
For more information, visit Facebook[/sws_blue_box]
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