This billboard from Dallas is almost identical to one that appeared in Elk River in 2015.
This billboard from Dallas is almost identical to one that appeared in Elk River in 2015.

The Pro-Family Forum, an anti-LGBT group co-founded by Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, a Republican from Glencoe, is seeking funds to place radio ads around Minnesota in support of conversion therapy. The group was successful in raising funds for a billboard near Elk River this spring.

The Pro-Family Forum, formerly the Pro-Marriage Amendment Forum, was founded by Gruenhagen and “former homosexual” Kevin Peterson (In 2013, Gruenhagen announced his “former homosexual” friend on the floor of the Minnesota House as that body was taking up marriage equality).

The group held events in support of a failed constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, tried to block anti-bullying legislation with a bizarre video claiming that HIV is transmitted in sweat, and claimed credit for blocking a bill that would prohibit licensed therapists from trying to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor.

Last weekend, the group announced on its Facebook page that it is raising money for radio spots:

Full text of the Facebook post:

We’re putting together a plan to promote “Change Therapy” on local (MN) radio.
We’ve already seen radical LGTB activists using big money to influence states like CA and NJ to criminalize parents who seek licensed therapists for their teens with unwanted same-sex attractions.
We need to inform voters how important it is for MN families to keep their freedom to seek therapy from counselors who share their values.
Thank you to those who have helped so far. We only need an additional $600 to get this done for the MN State Fair. Please contribute what you can.

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