Last week, Paul Ridgeway, the host of On the Way with Ridgeway, a Christian radio program on AM 980 KKMS, hosted Renee Doyle, the president of the Minnesota Child Protection League, to talk about legislation in the Minnesota Legislature that would bar public schools from implementing gender inclusive facilities.

Ridgeway opened the discussion by telling the story of a listener whose grandchildren are transgender:

We had a listener of ours whose name is Kathy, is one who asked me to be speaking about transgender because her daughter and son-in-law — who both have their doctorate degrees — are raising their two children in a transgender home where these two boys can wear dresses at home and act like girls and it’s just horrible. And Kathy is a wonderful Christian and she’s deeply troubled. So again, another prayer I want to ask all of you to pray for Kathy herself, the grandmother, but also pray that Jesus Christ will come in the heart of her daughter and son-in-law, that they’ll turn from this insanity and wickedness, these two boys will get a normal upbringing and I believe we are seeing now the floodgates opening of evil in our land and transgender is not going away.

Ridgeway and Doyle discussed the bill, HF1546, which was added to a House omnibus education bill last week. Doyle’s organization was critical of Republicans for stripping out a provision in the bill that would have reversed a Minnesota State High School League appeals process to allow transgender students to participate in athletics. Ridgeway called on listeners to visit the MNCPL’s website to contact legislators in support of the bill:

I want to encourage all of you to go to it, You can see what’s happened to this whole issue of transgender and also with the showers and also the Minnesota State High School League, which I have no regard for at all. None. For their insanity statewide to dare say that a guy can play on a girls team, and they can shower together and vice versa. Folks, we are sliding into the abyss, don’t you see it? People have gone mad.

He added, “And you know obviously theres psychological things going on. There’s demonic things going on, all kinds of things and you can’t help but grieve for little children.”

In the second half of the show, Doyle said that gender nonconforming should be forced to play with stereotypically gendered toys and that being transgender is a “terrible, awful lifestyle”:

Now we’re talking about this grandmother having to watch her two precious little grandsons that should be playing in the gravel and, you know, with the dump trucks and running and, you know, climbing the trees…and they’re in dresses? We are associated with moms and dads of transgender children across the United States, and it’s like going through the pain almost of a funeral every day. One mother said to me ‘It’s a pain that never goes away, there’s no closure.’ You see what they are doing to themselves and its irreversible in many cases. What they are doing is irreversible. We have one mom that has seen her son go away and order hormones, you know, illegally from out of the country, self inject them, doesn’t know what amount or anything to do could at any time do terrific damage to himself. And we just… they separate themselves from their families and their mothers don’t see them any more, and then hear things, and we know that in transgender youth that there’s a very high suicide at least attempt of 40 to 45 percent. It’s a tormenting, terrible, awful lifestyle. There’s nothing normal about it and the terrible thing that we are doing in society is that we are encouraging it now because we are telling them its normal. And there is nothing normal about it. And we’re teaching it in all of our comprehensive sex education curriculum.

Doyle said that the move for transgender equality is because of the legalization of same-sex marriage:

If your child is involved in them, just know that they are being coached into a genderless ideology. And we know that our time is running very, very short. We know that as moms we feel this pain and we have to do something about it right now. The window is closing. You saw TIME magazine and how they said transgenderism is the new civil rights of 2015. This is the year of the transgender. The whole issue being made into a civil rights — if the Supreme Court even passes the marriage actually being between two gay people, what they are saying is that a man can be a bride. So if a man can be a bride, a man can be a mother. If a woman can be husband, she can be a father, and people think well this is just really advancing the whole gay thing. It’s advancing the transgender ideology in leaps and bounds.

Then Paul Ridgeway closed the interview by saying it was from “the pits of hell.”

Let me just jump in, Renee. I’m righteously angry right now as the host of this show. What you are saying is absolutely the truth and what you are saying and what’s happening is absolutely wicked. And its out of the pits of hell, and I’ll tell you and I grieve your heart because I’m a grandfather. I have two granddaughters, and even like you I have children. My heart breaks when I see children like our listener’s grandsons being raised as girls at home. My heart breaks when I read about this girl in Massachusetts who views herself as a boy. They need counseling. Their body shows how God created a man or girl. What they need is psychological help.

Here’s the full audio of the interview:

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  1. Sound not working. As for the “wonderful Christian ” and Demonic things going on responses really shows complete lack of understanding of being Trans. The couple raising the children are correct it they were to follow the Christian ways the chances of Suicide are pretty much guaranteed. These people are the DEMONIC One’s The Christians that is and their “wonderful Christian ” statement is very UN CHRIST LIKE. A true Christian accepts all, and lives as Christ Lived and Taught. Ignorance is not Bliss, it’s what these who condemn and if Christ were here he would treat them as he did in the Temple.

  2. My Christian brethren, this story shows how very ignorant (literal def.) you all are about the medical and clinical aspect of a birth malady known as gender dysphoria. Out of your mouth your heart doeth speak very condemning of God’s lovely trans children. You are confusing perfection with imperfection, sexuality with gender, dress up with grow up, cosmetic with real. Please school yourselves. Blessings.

    Your transgender sister in christ.


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