Home News MNCPL: Failure of anti-transgender bill means end of 5,000 years of civilization

MNCPL: Failure of anti-transgender bill means end of 5,000 years of civilization

MNCPL: Failure of anti-transgender bill means end of 5,000 years of civilization


Michele Lentz of the Minnesota Child Protection League appeared on the Crosstalk radio program of the Voice of Christian Youth based in Milwaukee, Wis., to talk about legislation her group has introduced that would block Minnesota school districts from implementing transgender inclusive policies.

The Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts have implemented policies to protect the safety and security of transgender students, and last year the Minnesota State High School League adopted a policy that allows transgender students to participate in sports based on their gender.

Senate File 1543/House File 1546 would repeal all of those policies and prevent future school districts from implementing new ones.

On Crosstalk with host Vic Eliason, Lentz warned that lawmakers must pass the bill and that if “we can’t do it on this issue…we will lose our society and 5,000 years of civilization.”

Vic Eliason: How in the world do these people with these weird ideas even take on the image of reliability that is even rational and can find its way into the legislative column?

Michele Lentz: At the core of that is political correctness, the fear that is imposed on — the mass population that they will be isolated, that they will stand alone, that they will be called a bigot or a hater. And when they buy that premise, they tend to be quiet and so what happens is these radical policies get passed because people with common sense who know that it’s wrong, unhealthy — however you want to describe that — remain silent. And in this case, I think we’ve really come to a crossroads because this isn’t an issue so much about homosexuality or transgenderism as much as this is an issue of child welfare, safety, and privacy.
This will affect all children because as soon as you open this door, then these things will be determined discrimination and, you know, we are seeing it in the business world. We are seeing it in the marketplace. If you are familiar with what happened at Planet Fitness in Michigan where a man showed up in a women’s locker room and she complained, she was offended it, caused her anxiety and the gym canceled her membership.
And so if we do not unite, stand together, and fight against this then we will all succumb to it. You know, the founding fathers said if we don’t hang together, we hang separate. This is what we are coming to but the good news is people understand this issue and when you are talking to moms and dads about the safety of their children, they don’t care about political correctness. They don’t want their children to be put in harms way and so we have an ability to cut through the political correctness and go right to heart to what mom and dad know in their heart and their love for children and what they are willing to do.
I fear if we can’t do it on this issue, we won’t be able to turn the tide in this country and we will lose our society and 5000 years of civilization because if parents are willing for the sake of political correctness to abandon their own children and their own children’s safety, tell me what will they stand for?

Lentz and Eliason then heard a caller call transgender people perverts, to which Eliason agreed and Lentz refrained from commenting:

Brad from West Dallas, Wis.: Brother Vic, these people, in answers to the gentleman’s question, do they care? No, they don’t care. Their job is to create chaos in society by creating chaos in the minds of these kids. There was no gender confusion in most of them until they were told they were confused.
Eliason: that’s right
Brad: These perverts are recruiting and they want to take away the shame and inhibitions and your gonna end up with male teachers supervising female kids in locker rooms and that’s appalling and
any politicians getting in the way of bills that would protect our kids they are either cowards, perverts, or they are bought and paid for and if they don’t like my words, though! You can call me what you want.
King David said to God concerning God’s enemies in Psalm 139, 21 and 22 says, “Do I not hate them oh lord that hate thee,” and in 22, “I hate them with a perfect hatred. I count them mine enemies.” That’s exactly my attitude and if they don’t like that, tough!
Eliason: Thank you Brad from West Dallas, Wisconsin.
From boise idaho we are talking to Curt next, curt we are on their air with Michelle.
Curt: I’m from Boise, Idaho. We have a local coach who coaches a year after years winning football team and he’s well recognized and not only is he a good coach but when he was being interviewed by the local tv station and this is what came out in the news was that not only was he doing a good job coaching the kids but he was also teaching young fellas how to be men and can he be sued for that?
Lentz: Boy you know what a rabbit hole we are going down and in. If you look at the St. Paul policy that is being voted on tonight, these students who identify as transgender, you know, will then be able to tell the schools how the schools should refer to them by name, by pronouns, you know, were gonna have to teach our kids a whole new vocabulary of pronouns that are gender neutral. And we should also keep in mind that under many of these policies the schools are also not allowed to reveal the true biological sex of that person. And so if you have a biological male who is now presenting himself as a female, using the female locker room of the female bathroom, the teacher is not allowed to tell them that that’s a biological male and so are we going to have situations occur where there is a female in that bathroom who has believed that this person was a girl and all of the sudden sees something. Because a lot of times their anatomy still looks like the anatomy of their biological sex at this age. What’s the potential trauma to that girl in that circumstance? And the school knew but because of privacy policy, they weren’t allowed to talk about that. This is just a rabbit hole with an endless bottom.

Here’s the full audio of the interview:

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